The newly revealed platform organizes the best shops, schools/daycares, parks, and more. of the luxurious district of Washington, DC.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 28, 2022 / — Georgetown Property Listings (GTPL), the leading resource for available properties in the high-demand neighborhood of Washington, DC, today announced the launch of its Georgetown Directory platform. Currently online on the GTPL website, the Georgetown Directory compiles and categorizes the best local amenities, businesses, media and organizations, allowing residents and visitors to find the best of Georgetown’s esteemed offerings.

The Georgetown directory debuted with 12 categories: beauty, fitness, grocery, hardware and home design, hospitals and emergencies, local publications, organizations, parks, parking, pets, schools and shopping. Each of these overarching categories (fitness, for example, includes gyms, spas, and several types of classes) can be accessed with a single tap or click and include brief descriptions of associated establishments.

Created with convenience in mind, the Georgetown Directory displays the addresses of listed businesses, which, when clicked or tapped, take one to the appropriate Google landing page. From here, users can view hours of operation, reviews, directions, and more, highlighting the platform’s role as the primary curator of all that showcases Georgetown at its best.

Plus, the Georgetown Directory offers choices ranging from popular channels to local favorites, making it easy to select the perfect business for any situation and preference. Whether a family is looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, a grocery store that has exactly the right items, or the perfect school, the Directory has it all.

In the long term, the Georgetown Directory aims to help as many residents and visitors as possible learn about the neighborhood – including why it is such a special place to see and live.


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