Growing up on a small farm south of Roslyn, South Dakota instilled several distinct qualities in young Logan Storley, including an incredible work ethic and perspective. Combined with his courage and determination, these qualities have been integral to developing a career that gives Logan a platform on the world stage.

Logan “Storm” Storley started wrestling when he was five years old. Located near the wrestling town of Webster, South Dakota, Logan got serious about the sport around the age of 10. He was the first of his family to wrestle and followed in the footsteps of another local legend: Brock Lesnar.

I caught Logan for a bit of a Q&A as he prepared for Bellator 281, a fight he won on May 13 and took the Bellator MMA Welterweight World Championship title.

Question: What did you learn growing up on a farm?

Answer: He did well to give me perspective on things. On the farm, it takes a lot of things to go well to end well — growing conditions, weather; there are many variables that must occur in successful farming. It can also be said of a successful wrestling match and an MMA fight.

Question: After six South Dakota State Wrestling Championships and a National High School Championship, how did you choose the University of Minnesota as your college?

Answer: Well, it was between Nebraska and Minnesota. They were both powers in the Big Ten. Brock [Lesnar] He was someone I looked up to and I had met some of his team members before at the U of M. The chemistry was there with the coaches, teammates, sparring partners, and it was one of the best teams in the country. I wanted to get a business/marketing degree and win a national tag team title.

Question: You were an All-American in Minnesota. How did the nickname “Storm” come into play during your college years?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t even know. It was when Twitter started. People called me “Storley Storm” and Minnesota’s freestyle wrestling team was the Minnesota Storm. I guess it’s a bit stuck.

Question: What does representing the Get Biofuel brand mean to you?

Answer: Representing companies that make a difference, like POET, a South Dakota-based company that supports farmers, and me being a kid from South Dakota, is awesome. It means a lot. The history of the industry and the story of Jeff Broin is great – it started from scratch, and no one could believe he could accomplish what he did. That resonates a lot, and he transformed agriculture into an incredible business and industry. POET really established the bioeconomy, and the Get Biofuel brand drives it forward.

Storley sees himself in the farming world after his MMA life. He is also interested in real estate development. No matter what he chooses, we know he will go far.

We are proud to have a local fighter raised on the global stage, representing what matters most to our industry. That same courage and determination that fuels Logan is also what propels each of us every day in our fight to develop the future of biofuels.