Living in Hoboken has its perks – views of the Hudson River, a quieter urban lifestyle than New York, an incredible selection of food and drink – the list goes on. For those who have been curious about the cost of living in Hoboken, we’re asking locals to tell us first-hand how much it costs to live in Hoboken in our ‘Here’s what you can get in Hoboken + Jersey City’ Series. For this episode, Hoboken resident Devin Mahon shows us her recently sold apartment in the Hudson Tea Building on Washington Street. Read on to learn more about this Hoboken home.

If you would like your apartment or house to be considered for a feature in this series, email [email protected] with answers to the questions below + photos of your house.

Daughter of Hoboken: In which city are you living?

Devin Mahon: Hoboken.

GH: In which street do you live?

PM: 1500 Washington Street (Hudson Tea Building)

devin hoboken apartment

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GH: Are you tenant or owner?

PM: Own.

GH: How long have you lived there?

PM: Since 2013.

devin hoboken apartment

GH: How much do you pay for rent?

PM: We recently sold for 1.16 million.

GH: What is the square foot of your house?

PM: 1155 square feet.

devin hoboken apartment

GH: How many bedrooms + bathrooms?

PM: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

GH: What are the notable features of your home?

PM: Waterfront views, 14ft raised ceilings with exposed concrete beams and adorned with large 10ft floor to ceiling windows letting in lots of natural light, hardwood floors, custom chandeliers and remote controlled blackout blinds, plus a washing machine and dryer in the unit.

devin hoboken apartment

GH: What amenities does your building offer?

PM: 24-hour concierge, approximately 3,000 square foot gym, nearly completed lobby renovations, children’s playroom, and residents’ lounge.

devin hoboken apartment

GH: What was your decoration budget for the whole space?

PM: Oh my, I have no idea – but here are some of the best pieces we had. My favorite was the Arhaus sectional – it was so comfortable and perfect for relaxing and a great spot to watch the sunset by the water. Also, our catering wood dining table which has expanded to seat 6 for dinner parties.

devin hoboken apartment

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GH: What does your neighborhood look like? What surrounds your house?

PM: Uptown Hoboken, quieter than downtown and clean. There are stunning water views of the Hudson River and part of New York. Other luxury apartments surround our building and the waterfront. We are right next to the ferry, have a Choc-o-Pain in our building and dry cleaning service.

devin hoboken apartment

GH: Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your home?

PM: The water view, high ceilings and large windows make this condo breathtaking.

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