Mindspace, a real estate startup that provides flexible office space, has appointed Ana Nekhamkin as vice president of real estate and projects. In her new role, she will help grow the business by building a real estate team, signing new properties and completing projects.

Nekhamkin has experience building and growing businesses, including real estate acquisition, financing and management. She has led international projects in key markets in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Previously, she was responsible for Sonder’s real estate expansion in EMEA countries and coordinated transactions for the development of hotels and serviced apartments in the UK and Europe. She is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business.

Last year, Mindspace saw strong demand across all of its locations. In November 2021, it raised $72 million to support its growth and expansion. The company is expected to open two new locations in Berlin in the summer of 2022. Its customer base includes companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo!, Expedia, GoPro, Barclays Bank and others.

“We are confident that Nekhamkin’s impressive track record in the hospitality industry and the current growth momentum in the flexible office industry will drive Mindspace to great heights,” said Dan Zakai, co-founder and CEO of Mindspace.

“Mindspace has established itself as a key player in an exciting and rapidly changing asset class and its strong brand, product and financial performance perfectly positions the company for expansion into new and existing markets,” said commented Nekhamkin.