Prager Metis’ metaverse office will offer traditional and non-traditional consulting and accounting services to individuals and businesses in the Decentraland

NEW YORK, January 7, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Prager Metis, a leading international accounting and consulting firm, becomes the first CPA firm to officially open its Metaverse headquarters on the Decentraland metaverse platform. As part of a joint venture with Banquet LLC, Prager Metis’ Metaverse office will be located at coordinates (18, 144) in Decentraland and will provide real world services that are essential to the Metaverse world.

In addition to being an international firm, Prager Metis is one of the 40 largest accounting firms which provides a full range of services including, but not limited to, audit, tax, advisory, business management and international services. Prager Metis and his team of financial experts focus on industries spanning digital assets, sports, entertainment, music, healthcare, fashion, hospitality, real estate, banking and financial institutions, corporations investment and more.

The Prager Metis Metaverse office will serve as a resource for individuals and businesses in the Metaverse seeking accounting and financial advisory services, and provide potential clients with the expertise to navigate the metaverse from a financial perspective. .

“The opening of a Metaverse office reflects Prager Metis’ belief that the Metaverse will be the future and that technology will continue to influence the way the world works,” said Glenn friedman, CEO of Prager Métis. “Our new Metaverse headquarters will serve as a bridge between traditional and digital and provide valuable real-world financial services to the Metaverse. Our presence in the Metaverse shows how serious we are in our vision for the future and supports our belief that there is a huge need for expertise and financial resources in a changing digital world.

The virtual real estate of Prager Métis was purchased on December 28. The Metaverse HQ is a three-story digital structure built by House of Tang and Metaverse Architect, Tangpoko (Tracy tang). The first floor will consist of an open floor plan which doubles as a gallery space for NFT clients and a large entertainment area. The second floor will serve as a workspace with meeting rooms and conference capabilities. The third floor, also serving as the roof, is a space where Prager Metis plans to host events and live entertainment opportunities for the community.

“The digital world is changing at a rapid pace, and although many consider the metaverse to be the Wild West, it is in fact the opposite and it has complex rules and regulations that businesses and individuals must adhere to,” said Jerry Eitel, partner of the Metaverse head office of Prager Metis in Decentraland. “As an international accounting and consulting firm, we find that all industries and types of businesses are eager to enter the world of digital assets. With the opening of our office in Decentraland, we are delighted to serve as a resource for businesses. and to individuals who need to support navigation in the Metaverse from a financial perspective. “

The international digital assets division of Prager Metis, headed by Brian Goldblatt, CPA, the industry leader in digital assets, has been at the forefront of this emerging space, including working with cryptocurrency exchanges, mining companies, investment firms, and technology companies in various capacities. As virtual worlds become a more relevant channel for business and everyday life, Prager Metis’ expertise in these areas has positioned them as the go-to firm for complex tax and accounting matters in the space.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are changing the way companies do business and will ultimately have an impact on the way we all work and live.It’s important that any business works with advisors who understand the space, ”Goldblatt said. Prager Metis works with different companies in the field of digital assets, from an audit, tax and advisory perspective, including one of the top three global cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and one of the largest real estate tokenizations.s in the United States, as well as serving one of the world’s top five NFT companies. As a leader in the digital asset industry, Prager Metis is constantly expanding and our experts stay on top of industry trends, such as NFTs, and customers transacting in the metaverse. “

“The metaverse is rapidly becoming a digital twin of our physical world,” says Matt bond, founder and CEO of Banquet. “Prager Metis has been immersed in this amazing new economy and culture for a year now. As the opportunities in the global metaverse continue to feature significant revenue streams from platforms, experiences, and transactions, the digital world will remain the next big tech platform and change. the way the world works. The Metaverse and its occupants need the expertise and resources that Prager Metis can offer to maximize its full potential.

The Metaverse office will be overseen by Jerry Eitel, Partner of the Prager Métis CPAs. Eitel has nearly four decades of accounting experience and currently leads the firm’s real estate practice group.

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Banquet is a metaverse studio that finances, develops, manages and markets blockchain companies with cultural impact. In 2021, Banquet organized virtual experiences with tens of thousands of participants. Their golden “Airspace” down jacket was bought for 20,000 mana (or $ 75,000), the highest metaverse clothing sale of the year.

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